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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Wizard of Oz: Zion`s Last Undoukai

The Wizard of Oz, Zion Preschool Parent/Child Field Day

We are nearing the end of our life in Japan. In just a few weeks it will all be over. Everything familiar to us and the children will change when that plane lands.

One of the unique events in Japan as I have posted previously is Undoukai or the Field Day. At Manna`s preschool it is even more unique.  They have a story theme added to the day`s events and at the end one of the characters from the story shows up and they have a parade.  The children also dress up as characters of the story.  This year was the Wizard of Oz.

A quick snapshot of the food we brought for Manna`s Undoukai.

At the Undoukai it is tradition for families to eat lunch together usually in a picnic style outside, and usually lunches are homemade and have a lot of food for everyone. However, the little kids don`t eat that much so we made this much, and even that had plenty of leftovers.

Typically extended family members attend showing their support and cheering on the child in the number of competitve events held on that day. It was just Yumi and myself with kids though

We are certainly going to miss the little things like these events that have their own unique flavor and always leave us with a smile.

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  1. I can't believe you're leaving. Are you heading to the states? I had been a passive reader for some time and then dropped off the blogging circuit for a while, so forgive my surprise at this information.

    Will you be continuing to post? I have been enjoying these little snapshots into life in Japan, and wouldn't want to miss your adventures where ever you end up!